’s been a little while. December is such a crazy month. I know it is for everyone. On top of the holidays, it’s my busiest month for work so I decided that I would put off wedding planning until January. I think before we were engaged, I expected that I would love wedding planning. I have always loved looking at pictures of other weddings so why wouldn’t I love planning our own? Well. Hah! First of all there is that little thing called a budget. I would suspect that wedding planning is a breeze is you have an unlimited budget but we do not. And then I’ve found myself really just not caring about a lot of stuff. I’ve asked Todd approximately 15 times if we can just elope. I even found a great elopement package at the Old Edwards Inn but he wasn’t having any of that so onward we will go.

I’m a pretty decisive person- I know what I like, I pick it and then move on to the next thing so I’ve got a great deal of the wedding details already planned out in my head. We are going to look at the venue at the end of the month and hopefully pick a date while we are there. I haven’t decided how much I will share beforehand but I will tell you, we’ve got about 10 months to plan, and it will be in a state that neither of us are from. THAT I am excited about! I’ve already picked out bridesmaids dresses (although I haven’t formally asked my bridesmaids yet) and their gifts, all of my accessories, and the reception and ceremony decor. I’ve contacted a caterer with menu ideas and requested a proposal and requested a proof for invitations.

There are certain things though that have made me roll my eyes. I found invitations that I liked online so I requested a sample. Then the next day I went into a local paper store to see what they had- I like to shop at local stores so if they had something and their prices are good, I’d go with them. Well, as I was going through the details with the girl in the shop I asked her “can’t I just put our wedding website on the invitation?” She about fell out of her chair. I mean REALLY. You want me to pay an extra $1.50 for an enclosure card just for a website? That’s almost an extra $200 for a 2 inch piece of paper. “Well, you want your invitations to be timeless.” Listen sister. It’s going to hang on someone’s fridge for a few months and then it’s going in the trash. We might have a picture of it in an album somewhere and we might look at it a total of 4 times in the next 30 years. And is the internet going somewhere? Are URLs going to be outdated? Maybe I should get one of those little scanny squares instead and then they can just scan it with their phone to find out wedding details. I’m just going to apologize ahead of time, if you get an invite and it has a URL on it, I’m sorry for being so tacky.

I’ve been emailing back and forth with my friend Kristen a bunch and one thing she told me that has really stuck is “no one is going to care about the chairs, napkins, and china. Just get a pretty dress and a great photographer.” It seems so obvious but when you get sucked into the wedding monster, it’s easy to forget. The last wedding Todd and I went to was in Asheville- I cannot tell you what the napkins looked like, I can’t remember whether they had white chairs, gold chivari chairs, or if they used real china. I remember that their venue was beautiful, the bride was stunning, and they had like 6 different kinds of really, really good cakes.

If I disappear for a few weeks, it’s because Todd finally gave into my elopement pressure.