Croatia – A gem in the Mediterranean


Getting Married in Croatia has always been a dream for Lucy, since she was like 10 years old. How was this desire implanted into her?

She saw this movie … “god forbid a worse thing should happen which was release in 2002 and got a rating of 8.0 out of 10

I can vouch for Croatia, it is such an amazing place. The people are very warm, the food is yumm and the beaches are stunning. Clear blue water, fine sand. We hired a yacht which was a little bit expensive BUT it’s such an amazing experience. We went snorkling into the caves. There’s caves everywhere and we also went around some uninhabited islands. What’s fascinating is the spirit of the Croatians, they are laid back and never worry about material stuff like us Americans do.

Croatia is much like Greece where families and the community are at the center of every Croatian human being. I also like their old buildings with the traditional stone and wooden beams.

The Wedding

Jake, her fiance (at the time) decided he wanted to buy the tungsten ring from Croatia. He found only 1 shop in Bosanka, which was 2 hr drive from where we were staying in dubrovnic. BUT when he got there, Jake was told that the shop has closed down just 1 week before. So he had to find an online tungsten shop in the US. Just 3 days before the wedding, he submitted the order and paid extra for express delivery, luckily FEDEX delivered the ring on time!!

The wedding was amazing, the atmosphere, the food and all that, I would not have changed a single thing. What a night to remember.

We drank wine, danced all night to the rhythm of modern dance music, and even had a dip in the clear blue sandy beach at 5am in the morning. The water is so warm in Croatia nothing like in the US where we live.

If you are contemplating of ever getting married overseas, I really suggest you plan ahead and hire a local wedding planner. All in all it was an unforgettable experience and we are so greatful that MR and MRS Flanks have invited us to this wedding in Dubrovnic. God bless them and may they have all they want in life.

But most importantly, LOVE, HEALTHY and HAPPINESS … and lots of kids.. hahaa